The American Legion Earl E. Mitchell Post #29


Rental of Facilities Information


A $200 deposit must be paid at the time the agreement is signed. The remaining rental fee, including damage & loss fee and any other costs, must be paid at least 60 days prior to event. If a full payment is not received, the rental agreement is cancelled by the American Legion, Earl E. Mitchell Post 29, any deposits, and payments to this point will be forfeited.

All rentals are scheduled for a period not to exceed 6 hours. The Main Hall must be cleaned by the Lessee at the end of the rental agreement. Any additional hours contracted will be at a rate of $125 per hour. Doors will be open ½ hour prior to start of the event.

The Main Hall may be decorated 1 day prior if there are no conflicts with other Hall usage, not to exceed 2 hours, or on the day of the event. Decoration will consist of a maximum of 2 hours. There will be a fee of $30 per hour for any additional time.

No rental will continue past the hour of 12:00 Midnight. A charge of $200 per hour assessed if closing delayed past the hour of 12:00 Midnight.

No liquor or alcohol of any kind will be permitted to be brought onto the premises or taken outside the building at any time (Arizona revised statues IV). Any violation will result in the rental being terminated immediately. All alcoholic beverages, soft drinks etc., must be purchased from the American Legion, Earl E. Mitchell Post 29, and must be consumed inside the building once the container is opened. No refund or exceptions will be made.

All persons consuming or purchasing alcohol must be 21 years of age. Adults observing giving or purchasing alcohol for a minor is in violation of the Arizona Revised Statues. Those in violation will be asked to leave the premises immediately and are subject to arrest.

Last call for alcohol will be given 45 minutes prior to the closure of the event.

The lessee is responsible for all guests, including children at all times.

No person is permitted or authorized to enter the building or hall while possessing a firearm or deadly weapon of any kind. (Arizona Revised Statues)

All doors to the facility will be kept unlocked and closed at all times during rental agreement times.

Entertainment such as but not limited to a band, D.J. etc., must cease 30 minutes prior to the end of the rental agreement time.

The American Legion, Earl E. Mitchell Post 29, will have a post representative for all events and will be the contact liaison for any incidentals which may occur. The post representative decision(s) are final and binding.

Security is required for all rentals. Security is provided by Post 29 and is the responsibility of Post 29 to determine how much security will be needed.


Any violation of these terms & conditions, as determined by the post representative and/or security personnel, will terminate this rental agreement. Result in immediate termination of the function, forfeit the return of all monies and deposits.


Cancellations: All cancelations must be in writing from the Lessee.



Rentals canceled by the lessee within 48 hours of the date of agreement was signed will forfeit $100.

Rentals canceled by the lessee after seven (7) days of the date agreement was signed will forfeit $200 deposit.

If Post 29 is notified of cancellation more than seven (7) days after the contact was signed and no less then thirty (30) days prior to the event, a 50% refund may be made of the monies paid, determined by Post 29 liaison.

If Post 29 is notified of a cancellation less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, all monies paid will be forfeited.

Post 29 may cancel the rental agreement if the lessee did not comply with all the rules and regulations of Post 29. Should an agreement be canceled; all monies will be forfeited.





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