The American Legion Earl E. Mitchell Post #29





Since 1925, The American Legion has sponsored a nationwide youth baseball program. During these almost nine decades, millions of young players have enjoyed playing baseball. The American Legion and their 2.8 million members have raised millions of dollars each year for players to learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship. The American Legion sponsors American Legion Baseball to give players an opportunity to develop their skills, personal fitness, leadership qualities and to have fun.

In Arizona, American Legion Baseball is strong and growing.  More than two dozen teams, primarily from the Tucson and Phoenix Area, compete each year for the privilege of representing Arizona during the Wester Regional.  This year the Western Regional will be hosted by the Department of Colorado in Boulder.  

Go to the baseball web site ( for more details on the baseball program.  

American Legion Code of Sportsmanship

I will:

Keep the Rules;

Keep Faith with my teammates;

Keep my temper; Keep myself fit;

Keep a Stout heart in defeat; Keep my pride under in victory;

Keep a sound soul; A clean mind; And a Healthy body